March 14, 2018


At the harbor, but seen from our building.  There’s an aircraft carrier museum, the Midway, in the harbor near Broadway Pier.  There are often parties and events there, so fireworks can happen on seemingly random evenings.  This was the view from our third level common patio area.  The sky glow is a bit eerie, looking almost as if it’s a fire behind the lit building.  The white orb is not a super-moon, but rather the dome of a building.  I like the repetition and variety of shapes, with that bit of blue glow just below the center.  The lighting of the foliage is strange.  All the lighting is strange — feels a bit like a still from a sci-fi movie.  ‘Twas a lovely evening…

March 13, 2018

Flowers in the Rain

White skies all day and, finally, the rain.  The darks and lights in this photo are once again what draws me, even though the lights are mostly the pale salmon-pink rather than white.  The sparkle of the flash reflecting off the wet green leaves is delicious.  Once again, I take these photos with my phone, having little idea of what might or might not be appealing.  The air was soft and warm and comforting, too; it was a gentle rain, all too brief.  More tomorrow, I hope.